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You will not find a more knowledgeable, educated, passionate and caring Russian instructor on the internet. I will save you time and money in your journey to learn about Russian language and culture, join one of my courses today and start learning!

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From colorful illustrations to challenging quizzes, these courses will entertain as well as educate!

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You will find a wealth of additional information that will give your study more depth and, as a result, your speech will be more colorful!

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You may not think it's possible, but with these creative and intuitive courses, you will learn with relative ease - and enjoy it!

What people are saying:

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"Naya’s courses offer so much more than your standard, run-of-the-mill language courses. I’ve taken many courses over the last 10 years and have gotten used to being presented with the basics: Hello, good morning, goodnight, goodbye… Naya gives you more grammar explanations, a larger vocabulary list, quizzes, and the support you need to feel like you’re actually progressing in the language. Highly recommended!"

Darren Cameron, England

"Naya is a brilliant teacher and educator. She is passionate and puts in a lot of hard work to ensure that her students receive only the best quality of materials to have the most effective learning. Her courses are professional, simple to understand and are aesthetically beautiful. She illustrates each lesson with different colours and pictures, and this method helps tremendously in memorizing better.

There are also exercises which she has included with each topic to further familiarize ourselves with the lesson, and it is so effective! Naya is a dedicated and patient tutor, and truly the best Russian language teacher that I’ve had the privilege to work with! Love her and love her courses! I highly recommend to all looking to learn the Russian Language the most effective way."

Kaisyah, Malaysia


Everything is possible

With Naya's approach to teaching