Russian cases (8 videos)


   English uses word order and tense to understand how ideas relate to each other. Russian doesn’t work like that. We use a system of 6 cases to form our grammar.

  You will learn how to speak grammatically correct sentences by knowing Russian cases.

  In this course, you will learn the cases system in greater detail, allowing you to form understandable sentences and really communicate in Russian!

  This course includes 8 videos focusing on each case in turn. Included with each video is a text file and a quiz that will help you to keep building on earlier successes.

  A live teacher would cost a student hundreds of dollars, maybe even more. But today, you can become proficient in Russian grammar for a one-time investment of only $78 dollars.

  That’s right, only $78 dollars for a course that would normally require 2 semesters of study in a school or college.

A really smart investment!!!

Course Curriculum

Nominative case
Nominative Case 00:06:00
RusLang101P Nominative Case Unlimited
Accusative Case
Accusative Case 00:13:00
RusLang101P Accusative Case Unlimited
Dative Case
Dative Case 00:07:00
Dative Endings 00:07:00
RusLang101P Dative Case Unlimited
Instrumental case
Instrumental Case 00:15:00
RusLang101P Instrumental case Unlimited
Genitive case
Genitive Case 00:13:00
Genitive Endings 00:14:00
RusLang101P Genitive case Unlimited
Prepositional Case
Prepositional Case 00:16:00
RusLang101P Prepositional Case Unlimited
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