Russian cases. Russian grammar.

Russian course online. Cases


For whom:

Students who know basic grammar and don’t need to learn the Russian from scratch, but have problems with Russian case system

Intermediate students who know the Russian well but would like to deep their knowledge of Russian cases

Those who are interested in the Russian case system


This course includes 8 videos focusing on each case in turn. Included with each video is a text file and a quiz that will help you to keep building on earlier successes.


You pay only $28 dollars for a course that would normally require 2 semesters of study in a school or college.

Russian case system will be not a secret for you anymore

You will learn how to speak grammatically-correct sentences by knowing Russian cases

Attention!!! This course is included in the Tourist,  Student  and Special package.

Course Curriculum

Case system FREE 00:12:00
Nominative case
Nominative case 00:07:00
RusLang101P Nominative Case Unlimited
Genitive case
Genitive Case 00:13:00
Genitive Endings 00:14:00
RusLang101P Genitive case Unlimited
Dative Case
Dative Case 00:07:00
Dative Endings 00:07:00
RusLang101P Dative Case Unlimited
Accusative Case
Accusative case 00:13:00
RusLang101P Accusative Case Unlimited
Instrumental case
Instrumental Case 00:15:00
RusLang101P Instrumental case Unlimited
Prepositional Case
Prepositional Case 00:16:00
RusLang101P Prepositional Case Unlimited

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  1. Simple to understand and are aesthetically beautiful


    Anastasia Polo is a brilliant teacher and educator. She is passionate and puts in a lot of hard work to ensure that her students receive only the best quality of materials to have the most effective learning. She illustrates each lesson with different colours and pictures, and this method helps tremendously in memorizing better.