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Naya’s video


For whom:

Students who enjoy Naya’s style of teaching

People who love Naya’s personality and want to continue to see entertaining and informative videos

People who like to start something new, for example, try learning Russian language


 The vast majority of videos are in English, and some videos are in Russian. Topics will be wide-ranging and casual, including subjects such as business, food, travel, expression of time, writing and a vast array of others. 


– You maintain your firm grasp on the Russian language in no time, and even expand your vocabulary.

You gain a better understanding of the nuances of Russian vocabulary and grammar.

You increase your chance to  become a more natural Russian speaker.

– Your listening skills will greatly improve by providing a consistent and informative outlet for Russian dialogue.


Course Curriculum

Lesson 1 (in Russian) 00:22:00
Russian adverbs 00:06:00
Negative pronouns 00:15:00
The prepositions ПРЕ/ПРИ 00:09:00
Word order 00:07:00
Time expressions FREE 00:08:00
The verb “Есть” 00:07:00
Verbs and cases 00:03:00
Business idioms (in English) FREE 00:08:00
Business idioms (in Russian) 00:12:00
Russian idioms (part 1) 00:08:00
Russian idioms (part 2) 00:07:00

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