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Russian reading rules


Do you want to read Russian and pronounce the words correctly? Then…

you are in the right place!


the most complete Alphabet course on the Internet

an easy going course: it lasts for approximately 90 minutes and is split into several convenient chapters taking only 20 minutes per day. By this time next week you could know the alphabet and have a basic vocabulary of Russian words!

– included, free of charge, is the practical video “Reading With Naya”. This video is easy to understand for learners of all ages.

reasonable price: to get this same information from a live teacher using internet lessons would cost a minimum of $40 dollars or more! Save money today by downloading my lesson package instead.

Do you still have doubts about whether you should buy this course or not? Then watch my video Alphabet for free and, if you like my approach, sign up for the full course and start your journey as a student of the Russian language.

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