Russian language. A basic training course


This course is designed for those who are beginning to learn Russian and also for those who want to deepen their knowledge. Each lesson is provided with a brief introduction about the material that will be covered. After watching the videos in the section you can be confident that you will be prepared to take the section quiz or test, to see how well you will do. Some lessons contain an audio record and PDF-files with content for a lesson.

What I need from you:

  1. A strong desire to learn the Russian language
  2. Please don’t jump from one lesson to another until your test results for previous lesson are good
  3. Always have a pen and a notebook to take notes, so you can increase your memory capacity
  4. Be consistent with your language learning and practice every day even if it’s for a few mins at time
  5. Do not hesitate to ask questions when you are confused

I wish you success and progress by learning!

Course Curriculum

Intro to the course Details 00:00:00
Russian Alphabet
Traditional approach to Russian Alphabet Details 00:11:00
Contextual Approach to Russian Alphabet Details 00:11:00
RusLang101 Alphabet Quiz Unlimited
Greetings & Goodbyes
Greetings Details 00:10:00
Goodbyes Details 00:00:00
RusLang101 – Greetings & Goodbyes Unlimited
Introductions and more Russian phrases
Introductions and more Russian Phrases Details 00:00:00
RusLang101 – Introductions and more Russian phrases Unlimited
Gender Introduction Details 00:00:00
Introduction into Russian Cases Details 00:00:00
Number Details 00:00:00
Count with naya Details 00:00:00
Introduction to Idioms Details 00:00:00
Idioms Part 1 Details 00:00:00
Idioms Part 2 Details 00:00:00
Crazy Phrases
Crazy Phrases in Russian Details 00:00:00
Compliments In Russian
Compliments Details 00:00:00
Sweet words 1 Details 00:00:00
Sweet words 2 Details 00:00:00
Idioms Details 00:00:00
Idioms 1 Details 00:00:00
Idioms 2 Details 00:00:00
For advanced learners
Indefinite pronouns Details 00:00:00
Soviet posters ( Part 1) Details 00:00:00
Soviet posters (Part 2) Details 00:00:00
Homonyms/Homophones/Homographs Details 00:00:00
Hobby Details 00:00:00
Weather Details 00:00:00
Appearance Details 00:00:00
Feelings Details 00:00:00
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