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Russian online course (free)


I’ve got something special for you!

  This free bonus is a special treat for anybody who wants to learn the Russian language or expresses any interest in the culture of the Russian people. You’ll learn about the basics of the language and its roots while being taught various portions of Russian history and brushing up on their culture. 

  This is a comprehensive and totally free package that will help you to put everything together into a place that makes perfect sense for you. You will be fully prepared to take any quiz or test and will be able to see just how well you performed.

  This free package will help you to extend your vocabulary even further and understand the nuances of Russian grammar. This will better prepare you to speak with Russians of all personalities as well as to determine when to use casual or professional language. In addition to these benefits, you’ll learn how to immerse yourself in Russian culture, and enjoy things like recipes of the most famous Russian dishes and learn the history behind them. By doing so, you’ll learn the workings of the Russian mentality and be better able to connect with fellow countrymen.

Let’s get started with me today!

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  1. The perfect place to start learning Russian


    I’ve always searched a good starting point to learn the russian language, I can definitely say that this is where I’d suggest anyone to start with. Naya’s methodology is effective and she’s always available for further help. After this course you’ll be able to feel more confident to dive into the language and enhance your learning! By the end of this course you’ll be able to surprise your russian friends already!
    Great work Naya!

  2. Awesome classes


    Naya is a professional teacher and a wonderful person. I would always highly recommend her lessons. Thank you!

  3. Far beyond the basics


    Naya’s courses offer so much more than your standard, run-of-the-mill language courses. I’ve taken many courses over the last 10 years and have gotten used to being presented with the basics: Hello, good morning, goodnight, goodbye…
    Naya gives you more grammar explanations, a larger vocabulary list, quizzes, and the support you need to feel like you’re actually progressing in the language.
    Highly recommended!

  4. Friend above all


    Naya is not only a teacher, because teacher isnt someone who teaches something, but someone who inspires the student to give of her best. She deserves my respect, honoring and attention. Thank you for being such a great friend, person and teacher. Wish you all the best!

    Highly recommended!

  5. 5

    Hi Naya I’m very happy with your Russian lessons and I watch your videos very carefully on yu tube you’re good and explain very well! thank you !!!

  6. Naya is a kind, warmhearted guide and friend. :)


    Naya excels as as a educator, tutor, and ambassador of Russian culture. As an educator, she is devoted and takes her time to making sure her courses are in-depth journeys into the nuances of the Russian language. She gives you all the necessary details you need to make progress on your own journey as you learn to appreciate the complexities and beauties of the Russian language. As a tutor, she makes sure those complexities aren’t overwhelming, but are instead manageable, as she guides you with the warmth of her compassionate spirit and her wellspring of patience. As an ambassador of Russian culture, through her tireless efforts, her passion, and infectious enthusiasm, she opens the doorway to a world that may at first seem unfamiliar to you, but that world will quickly feel comfortable as she makes it feel like home. Along with that, her gentle heart, playful spirit, and bright smile will always make you feel welcome. I happily recommend Naya as an integral part of your Russian language learning journey.

  7. Best Begining course i've seen in my learning period


    Thank you very much Naya ma’am. It helps me very much to get basic concepts about Russian alphabets and greetings. I hope I’ll be able to learn something more special with you Naya ma’am

  8. لقد أعجبتني الفيديوهات


    لقد أعجبتني الفيديوهات
    التعليمية كثيرا وقد كان فيها شرح كافي لتعلم جميع ما أريد باللغة الروسية
    أشكرك جزيل الشكر آنسة نايا على مساعدتك للطلاب الأجانب والعرب بتعلم اللغة الأكثر من رائعة (اللغة الروسية)
    أتمنى لكم دوام التوفيق والنجاح والاستمرار في مشروعكم الهادف



    Naya has a whole new and different approach, her comprehensive methods make you feel as though you were in a classroom getting special attention and care. Unlike the numerous Russian teachers on the internet, Naya makes you dive into the cold waters of the Russian language and makes you realize that after all they aren’t so cold but warm and fresh. She makes you realize and fully appreciate the beauty of the Russian language. She is definitely an asset for all students who are passionate about learning the language, moreover as a teacher who is highly educated and multi-faceted, it is truly an eye-opening experience at Russian with Naya Polo. I urge all those who are at any level of mastering Russian to experience first-hand, her teaching excellence that surpasses the conventional language learning process.

  10. The first steps to mastering the language


    Complete and comprehensible, even for a beginner! Naya’s courses are a very good starting point for a long process of learning Russian. Her videos are complete and provide all the information needed to understand the language, and therefore provide a solid basis for further ventures that are connected to the language.

  11. 非凡的体验!



  12. Not your everyday kind of courses


    Whether you’ve been studying Russian for a long time or you’ve never spoken a word of it in your life, Naya’s courses will give you good results.
    She has a variety of courses to choose from that should be suitable to whatever your need may be.
    One thing that set’s Naya’s instruction above a lot of the others, is that she not only teaches you about the language, but about the culture and history. Naya’s videos are fun and interesting, and her personality and presentation make them easy to watch and to learn from. The written material is equally beneficial and very informative.
    She has a deep passion for teaching the language and for helping you to really learn and understand it.
    If you’re serious about learning the Russian language, then Naya is the instructor for you.

  13. Thank you Naya


    ဆရာမ ရှရှားစာကို ရှင်းပြတာ အသေးစိတ်ကျပြီ အရမ်း စာသင်ကောင်းပါတယ် ကျောင်းသားတွေ အပေါ် စိတ်လည်းရှည်တယ် နိုင်ငံခြားသားတွေ နားလည်းနိုင်အောင် နည်းမျိုးစုံနဲ့ ရှင်းပြပေးတဲ့ အတွက် ကျေးဇူးပါ ဆရာမ…….

  14. Thank you Russian queen sweet


    سلام و عرض ادب و احترام

    واقعا از مطالبی که گردآوری کردید کمال تشکر و
    قدردانی رو دارم

    مطالب و ويدئو ها بسیار جالب و آموزنده میباشد.

    دوستان فارسی زبان اگر به دنبال جایی برای یادگیری و پشتیبانی آنلاین رو دارید بهترین جایی که میتونید به نحوه احسن انجامش بدید همینجاس.????

  15. Gracias Naya por este asombroso curso


    Para empezar, pienso que es uno de los mejores cursos que he visto y como la mayoría de personas dice: Naya es una de las pocas profesionales que se preocupa por generar INSPIRACIÓN.
    Este curso generará un gran impacto a nivel del aprendizaje de idiomas ya que cómo sabemos la globalización está en pleno auge. Y para los hispanohablantes no es fácil conocer hablantes nativos de ruso. Por este motivo les sugiero a todos los hispanohablantes a seguir este curso, ya que Naya siempre estará en contacto con ustedes.
    Para finalizar, me gustaría remarcar algo extremadamente importante el aprender un idioma engloba su cultura, historia, etc. Y en este curso les aseguro que aprenderan eso, simplemente disfruten el aprendizaje gracias.

  16. Best Russian Teacher Around


    As a 2nd generation Russian-American I already possessed a very basic understanding of the Russian language from my grandparents, but I wanted to take my Russian language skills to the next level and become very fluent. Naya has helped me start to do that and she continues to help me progress in my journey. I don’t feel like I simply gained a Russian tutor, but a friend that I can lean on to help me with the nuances of the Russian language. And that is the main thing Naya does that other instructors might not do. She explains the nuances of the language that will help you understand true fluency in a modern way, beyond rote memorization of cases or only formal particles, but everyday Russian that would be spoken on the streets of Russia by the people of Russia. When you enroll in one of Naya’s premium courses, you begin to understand why it is important to understand the cultural differences in how the language is used, and not just grammatical differences. She teaches you why things are spoken in a certain way and not just that they are. I highly recommend taking this free online course, and then progressing through her other premium courses. In the short time I have been working with Naya, I feel like I have gained so much more knowledge of the Russian language than I already possessed. Thanks Naya!