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Russian course online. Verbs


Russian verbs! Who can understand Russian verbs?!

Teaching Russian for 2 years, I have found out that not everything that relates to Russian verbs is easy for foreigners to understand.

My videos explain the hardest concepts clearly, in a way that students will understand.

Each video in this series follows an easy-to-understand format, providing detailed explanations for each essential verb.

Attention!!! This course is included in the Student package / Special package/Tourist package.


Course Curriculum

Imperfective/Perfective aspects
Imperfective/perfective aspect 00:19:00
RusLang101P Verbs Unlimited
Несовершенный вид глагола (in Russian) 00:12:00
Совершенный вид глагола (in Russian) 00:15:00
Conjugation 00:13:00
RusLang101P Conjugation Unlimited
Conjugation: exception to the rule 00:12:00
Aspect in the present tense 00:10:00
Past tense 00:06:00
Imperative form
Imperative form 00:16:00
Reflexive verbs
Reflexive verbs (part 1) 00:05:00
Reflexive verbs (part 2) 00:08:00
Conditional mood
Conditional mood 00:11:00

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