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    Russian in 10 hours

      There are many reasons to learn Russian – you may simply be bored and enjoy learning new languages, or you may have a business opportunity that requires you to communicate in the Russian language to increase your understanding and negotiation skills. I offer a Russian language education package that makes learning the language fun, informative, and easy.

    This package includes:

    Student package, value 99 $

    Tourist package, value 88 $

    60 minute Skype lesson, value 28 $

    My book “50 Shades of Russian Grammar”, value 9$

      You buy this course for reasonable price: to get the same information from a live teacher using internet lessons would cost a minimum of $640 dollars or more! Save money today by buying my special package instead.

    Course Curriculum

    Alphabet.Reading rules
    Introduction FREE 00:01:00
    Russian letters 00:21:00
    Letters and sounds/Vowels 00:22:00
    Consonants 00:12:00
    Russian cursive 00:05:00
    RusLang101P Alphabet Unlimited
    Reading with Naya 00:35:00
    Basic grammar
    Greetings 00:23:00
    RusLang101P Greetings Unlimited
    Audio 00:05:00
    This/That/It 00:05:00
    To have 00:07:00
    Gender FREE 00:07:00
    Masculine nouns 00:09:00
    Feminine nouns 00:06:00
    Neuter nouns 00:05:00
    Case system FREE 00:12:00
    Nominative case 00:07:00
    RusLang101P Nominative Case Unlimited
    Genitive Case 00:13:00
    Genitive Endings 00:14:00
    RusLang101P Genitive case Unlimited
    Dative Case 00:07:00
    Dative Endings 00:07:00
    RusLang101P Dative Case Unlimited
    Accusative case 00:13:00
    RusLang101P Accusative Case Unlimited
    Instrumental Case 00:15:00
    RusLang101P Instrumental case Unlimited
    Prepositional Case 00:16:00
    RusLang101P Prepositional Case Unlimited
    Russian adjectives 00:10:00
    Russian comparative adjectives 00:13:00
    Russian superlative adjectives 00:10:00
    Russian short adjectives 00:08:00
    RusLang101 Adjectives Quiz Unlimited
    Imperfective/perfective aspect 00:19:00
    RusLang101P Verbs Unlimited
    Несовершенный вид глагола (in Russian) 00:12:00
    Совершенный вид глагола (in Russian) 00:15:00
    Conjugation 00:13:00
    Conjugation: exception to the rule 00:12:00
    RusLang101P Conjugation Unlimited
    Past tense 00:06:00
    Aspect in the present tense 00:10:00
    Imperative form 00:16:00
    Reflexive verbs (part 1) 00:05:00
    Reflexive verbs (part 2) 00:08:00
    Conditional mood 00:11:00
    Russian adverbs 00:06:00
    Adverbs of place 00:07:00
    Adverbs of time 00:07:00
    Russian prepositions (part I) 00:04:00
    Russian prepositions (part II) 00:04:00
    Russian prepositions (part III) 00:11:00
    Russian prepositions (part IV) 00:08:00
    Russian prepositions (part V) 00:04:00
    Russian prepositions (part VI) 00:12:00
    RusLang101 Prepositions Quiz Unlimited
    Numerals 00:09:00
    Numbers 00:10:00
    Ordinal numbers 00:04:00
    Collective numerals 00:08:00
    Expressions with time and dates 00:06:00
    More grammar
    The parts of a sentence 00:13:00
    Relative clause 00:11:00
    Daily situations
    At the airport 00:09:00
    On the street! 00:11:00
    In the shop 00:13:00
    At the doctor’s 00:06:00
    Phone conversation in Russian! 00:11:00
    Holidays 00:10:00

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