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Free Russian Language Lessons in San Francisco

Best way to learn Russian
Best way to learn Russian

By providing Russian language online course in San Francisco we know  that it is important for non-natives who hope to truly learn and speak the Russian language to immerse themselves in conversational dialogues. On this page we will explain why it is so difficult for non-natives to master the spoken Russian language, as well as give practical recommendations on how to engage in dialogues in Russian language classes.

Conversational Russian for non-natives

Non-natives often find themselves in a position where they are able to interpret the meaning in a conversation, but have difficulty responding back; they cannot support the dialogue, and cannot express their thoughts – they do not speak Russian.

Why is this happening?

Typical Russian lessons go something like this: we read – we translate the text, do grammar exercises,  and answer a small number of questions on the text. This puts a persons brain into a mode that is necessary for this type of activity, but this is not how people naturally learn a language.

With such a study of the Russian language, non-natives learn to perform tests, but this does not mean that they learn to SPEAK in Russian.