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How to improve your Russian

How to improve your Russian

I have already written some points devoted to this topic. This article you find here.


How to improve your Russian…Nevertheless, as an English learner, I know that time will come when you will need to extend your capacity in memorizing new words.

There are some tips with which to help you improve your Russian


  1. When learning new words, always create assonant words, similar in meaning associations or the whole associative series. For example: the word стена (wall), in Russian, wall can be tied to the word весна (spring) or the word House дом can be tide with the слон (elephant).






  1. Repetition – a way to deal with bad memory. To learn and memorize a new word, it must be repeated regularly, before it is forgotten. Try to learn new words every day, repeat them before bedtime, and repeat again in the morning. Even better, you will repeat all the words together again at the end of the week.


  1. Support mechanical memorization with semantic meaning. It is necessary not only to repeat it (mechanically), but also to understand – to connect in meaning with the already existing knowledge, to create associative links. Try to imagine a new word in your head and make it visualized, but at the right moment you will only have to remember the image of the picture, and behind it you will remember the word.


  1. Watch movies in Russian with subtitles in your language. It trains concentration, helps by switching and distribution of attention, and also helps in learning the language.


  1. To memorize new words, imagine that you have to retell them (and retell!). Try to make a story out of new words and tell it to your parents, friends, colleagues, you can even tell it to yourself, for example, in front of a mirror.


  1. Change the usual means of communication: for example, a voice message instead of a text message, write down on paper. It develops attention shifting and new information is saved better.


My beautiful students, that are all my tips for today.

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But if you need to learn Russian from scratch -chose the appropriate package.


P.S. Would be happy to know which methods you use to improve your Russian or any other language. Write your comment below and share your information with us.

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  1. These are great tips! I will use this while I am taking my course with you. Thanks for the help!

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