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How to learn the Russian alphabet (part 2)

How to learn Russian alphabet (part2)! In how to learn the Russian alphabet (part 2) you will find many tips on pronunciation!

You set a goal to learn the Russian alphabet! I congratulate you! You’re doing fine! This is the second article devoted to this topic. If you don’t read the first article -welcome here.


Let’s talk in the second part about letters that are difficult to pronounce. And about those letters that are a mystery for foreigners.


1) The Russian alphabet can be difficult to pronounce:



Don’t think please that these two letters are unnecessary to you, because their incorrect use will lead to complete misunderstanding of you by Russians.

When the sound [Щ] is pronounced, the tongue moves forward, the middle part of the tongue is raised to the palate, the tongue is tense. With the pronunciation of the sound [Щ], the lips are less stretched forward than with the pronunciation of the sound[Ш]. When pronouncing the sound [Щ], the corners of the lips are slightly stretched, and when pronouncing [Ш] we do not smile.

The sound [Ш] is pronounced longer than the sound [Щ].  The sound [Ш] reminds me the sound which snake sends forth!


It is easiest to pronounce the letter “Ы” if you imagine that you are kicked in the stomach with all your might. And only after this blow, you begin to pronounce:Ы! Ы! Ы! Ы! Ы! Ы!

Mysterious signs


This sign is used as a softener and separator in the Russian alphabet.

If it stands before the letters е/ё; ю/я  then Ь acts as a separator.

For instance the word: Ружьё (gun). In this case, the soft sign separates Ё from Ж

In other cases, it softens the consonant standing before him.

For example the word Лень (Laziness).

How to pronounce this word  (Laziness) look my video Russian Alphabet carefully again.



Hard sign indicates in the Russian alphabet  that the consonant does not merge with the vowel. It is written after prefixes ending in consonants and before the root starting with the vowel Е, Ё, Ю, Я.

For example: съёмка (shooting) or обЪявление (announcement)

Using the hard sign as a bridge separates two opposite shores

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November 27, 2021

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