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Some tips how to learn Russian fast!

Some tips how to learn Russian fast

There is no secret method which helps you to learn a language for a month. Sorry that I broke down your illusions. If someone promises you a miracle – do not believe them. But overcoming that barrier and achieving an intermediate level in half a year is possible.

I’ll give you some tips how to learn Russian fast.

  1. Learn online

If you are Feeling too lazy to go outside because of bad weather or any other reason, the Internet is always at hand such as online courses. That makes life easier, increases motivation., however by choosing between a cozy evening at home and a long trip to language courses, some may lose interest and decide that they will live without Russian.

Create a convenient personal schedule. For example you can sit in the comfort of your own home with a lovely cup of tea and watch Naya’s videos without stress. Nobody will tell you something like: Hey hurry up, we have to get down to the next topic.

Online classes are also good because all materials, texts, videos, dictionaries are collected in one place: on MY website.  Also you can check your knowledge reinforcement passing quiz.

  1. Learn at your leisure

Do not limit your lesson time. Learning a language is not just doing exercises. You can upgrade your skill by listening to songs and movies, or by watching  Russian  bloggers on Youtube.

Everyone knows how important it is to watch movies and TV shows with Russian subtitles.

I prefer to watch interesting Youtube channels. If you want to know which Russian Youtube Channels I watch-put + in comment section.

  1. Engage with the teacher

It is possible to learn the language without him or her, but if you want to boost learning processes-it make sense to meet with a teacher online 1 time per week. Because only the teacher will be able, at the right time, to check correct pronunciation, and track progress, and the teacher doesn’t allow you to give up school at the first difficulty.

My advice: the teacher should be a teacher, not a biologist from London or a translator from St. Petersburg. Speaking the language and teaching it are different things.

There is an important nuance: for beginners,  it is better to deal with a Russian-speaking teacher. To those who have already reached at least Upper Intermediate it’s time to communicate with a native speaker.

  1. Prepare materials before watching a movie.

Watching “The meeting place can not be changed” without translating is not the best idea. But reading articles and research related to the case – on the contrary.

Almost all materials are published in Russian. You can collect information about this movie, about interesting facts, about the actors ect. and translate it. Benefit: upgrade the vocabulary.

To translate an article, be “connected” with a dictionary and each time write down new words into the notebook.

  1. Do your homework

The phrase “homework” causes depression and apathy for many of my students. But guys, believe me -IT IS VERY IMPORTANT because 90% of your learning success depends on you not on your teacher. And if you are not ready to invest time in your own goal, why do you think that the teacher must do it instead of you. Yes, I know, many will tell now, that the teacher must motivate students. But dear readers of this article I hope that you are mature people who understand that no one owes you anything. If you haven’t enough motivation to learn the Russian language -start with kickboxing or cooking cakes, whatever choose something that you like.

  1. Do not learn extra

This mainly concerns memorization of words (how to improve your Russian-read here) that will never come in handy. Save time and learn the most frequent words. There are millions of words in Russian, but even educated speakers use only a few thousand in everyday speech.

Knowing commonly used words, you can understand most of the movies and songs, read books and articles, watch news and video blogs, and even communicate with other people. This is more effective than cramming outdated dictionary.

  1. Use the words regularly in your speech

To implement new words in the lexicon forever, they need to be used regularly. If the task is to learn quickly, it is important to practice speaking as much as possible. It is good when most of the lesson is said not by the teacher, but by the student.


1) In order not to drop out of school, you need to study with a teacher who will help in time to deal with difficulties.

2) But if you are enough motivated and strong you can speak Russian perfectly without teacher’s help.

3) To speak in Russian, you need to speak in Russian.

4) To maintain motivation, it is important to work on interesting materials and do it online.

5) In addition, consistency is important in the study of Russian language. The more Russian you have around you, the better.


For motivated people who want to start the Russian language from scratch and need my professional support during their study I offer my VIP package.

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