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How you can learn the Russian language quickly

How you can learn the Russian language quickly?

It can be a fun challenge to learn new language, even more if you want to learn it fast. I don’t have magic wand, however it can be done. You just have to practice speaking and reading the language. I recommend to learn basic phrases. For example:

Hello! Good afternoon! Привет! Здравствуйте!
How are you? Как дела?
Goodbye! До свидания!
My name is.. Меня зовут…


How you can learn Russian quickly?

You can also watch videos on YouTube FOR FREE.

  1. I  highly recommend  NayaPolo Odysee channel  and blog

There are playlist: Russian idioms, Vocabulary, Grammar, Russian for beginners, Russian food.

Also she has different courses. Here is her page. You could sign up Russian online course for FREE!  You can read reviews in the comments below.

  1. Easy languages ( Easy Russian)

They videos show local language and culture in natural, everyday situations – something you can’t find in regular media.

  1. Real Russian Club

Her name is Daria and she is certified Russian language teacher from Moscow. Great teacher!

II    Learn common words first


Babushka -Russian: ба́бушка,  “grandmother”, “granny” or just an old woman.


Cosmonaut Russian: космона́вт , a Russian or Soviet astronaut. (from κόσμος kosmos, a Greek word, which in Russian stands for ‘outer space’, rather than ‘world’ or ‘universe’, and nautes ‘sailor’, thus ‘space sailor’; the term cosmonaut was first used in 1959; the near similar word “cosmonautic” had been coined in 1947). Cosmodrome (by analogy with aerodrome) was coined to refer to a launching site for Russian spacecraft.


Kremlin -Russian: кремль.  Russian for “fortress”, “citadel” or “castle”.


Ruble -from Russian: рубль rubl  from Old Russian рубли rubli “cut” or “piece”, probably originally a piece cut from a silver ingot bar (grivna) from Russian руби́ть, rubiti meaning “to chop”. Historically, “ruble” was a piece of a certain weight chopped off a silver ingot (grivna), hence the name. An alternate etymology may suggest the name comes from the Russian noun рубе́ц, rubets, i.e., the seam that is left around the coin after casting: silver was added to the cast in two goes. Therefore, the word ruble means “a cast with a seam”.) The Russian unit of currency.

Samovar -Russian: самова́р, Russian само samo “self” and варить varit “to boil”.

Blini : блины (plural)/блин (singular): are thin pancakes  traditionally made with yeasted batter. Blini are often served in connection with a religious rite or festival, but also constitute a common breakfast dish.

Did you hear about Maslenitsa – Russian( Масленица) well-known as „Pancake week“ ?  If the answer is YES, write me in the comments below one association, if NOT keep reading, I am going to write few important things:

  1. Maslenitsa Festival of Russia – Where the Pancakes never stop

Maslenitsa contains both pagan and Christian traditions and is celebrated in the last week before Great  Lent, or the seventh week before Eastern Orthodox Easter.

  1. Pancakes are symbolic. They must be round and golden made up of rich foods still allowed by the Orthodox tradition, mainly butter, eggs and milk. The blini, made every day of the week, symbolise the sun and its warmth.
  1. Burning Woman – they make a straw stuffed doll, dressed in female clothes, which marks the imminent end of winter.
  1. Day of forgiving – A day when people ask for the forgiveness of others, forgive all the wrong done against them

At the end of this lovely story telling, I will share my recipe for pancakes. Please be kind and share with me your recipe.  Also share with me, how you celebrate “Maslenitsa”.


200 g flour

2 eggs

1 dl of oil

3 dl milk and some lukewarm water

salt and sugar (teaspoon)

Preparation:  Take a deeper plastic bowl and pour the flour into it, add the eggs and about 2 dl of milk. Try to whisk and if it doesn’t go add some more milk.

Naya is cooking pancakes 
Naya is cooking pancakes

Tip: You can make dough only with water or only with milk. It is best when you put in half mineral water and half milk.-   It is important that the dough is thick and whisked until smooth, with no lumps, then add more milk and some mineral water, and until you have a dough that looks like a soup. Add about 1 dl of oil to the dough and mix well.

Tip: The dough will be better if you let it stand for 20-30 minutes. Pour a few drops of oil into the pan to heat. Pour the dough box, which should be evenly spaced over the pan. The temperature at which the pancakes are baked must be high. Leave it on the ring for a few moments, then roll it over or throw it up. pancakes are baked for about 1 min. on each side.     

Naya is cooking pancakes   



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