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Prices to Expect in Southern Russia

Prices to Expect in Southern Russia

Since I live in the South of Russia, I want to talk about prices to expect in Southern Russia. Prices in the capitals are different.

Let me begin by highlighting the prices that one should expect in Southern Russia. The cheapest food in Krasnodar (dinner for 1 person) starts with the price of 178 rubles, although in some places it can reach up to 525 rubles (approx. 9$). Dinner with wine (or similar alcohol)  ranges from 1,014 rubles to 1,867 rubles, with an average  check of 1,679 rubles (approx.30$).

McDonald’s burger lovers (or other fast foods – KFC, Burger King) can buy a  burger + drink + fries for about 213 rubles(4$). You can enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning for 90 rubles(1.5$), although the price for an average cappuccino can be 105 rubles.  It is about prices for food. 

Price in Russia! Russian Ruble. Naya Polo
Price in Russia! Naya Polo

The average trip by public transport (trolleybus, tram or similar) in one direction will cost an average of 27 rubles, and the same by taxi – at 135 rubles. The examples give an idea of the general level of prices for Krasnodar transport, but the specific price of a trip depends on the type of transport and the distance (or the duration).


You can get a “beer in the room” from the store in the area of 41 rubles per bottle, a small jar of soda for 33 rubles. 

Cigarettes in Krasnodar are inexpensive and cost about 76 rubles for a pack of Marlborough.

Hostels and 1-2 stars:

1201 rub. (20$)

Homes Art Hostel

At least 508 rubles.(9$)

Good 3 stars:

2341 rub.(36$)

Good 4 star hotels:

3396 rub.(52$)

Luxury and boutique hotels:

6359 rub. (97$)

Clothing prices

Jeans  Levis 501:

7100 rub. (108$)

At least 5860 rub. (89$)

Dress at Zara / H & M:

2271 rub.(35$)

At least 1649 rub. (25$)

Nike / Adidas Sneakers:

5290 rub.(81$)

At least 3490 rub. (53$)

Well that is all the information for today! Welcome to Krasnodar!

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