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50 Shades of Russian Grammar


The Russian Learning Book For Foreigners Who Want To Learn Language Expressions And Speak Conversational Russian.

Start Speaking Like A True Russian!

The ultimate book for learning how to master Russian conversation.

Modality is a particular mode in which something is experienced or expressed. This is something that every language learner has to go through before getting into the advanced stages of speaking and writing. Unlike many traditional Russian books for foreigners though, this one focuses on studying Russian from the perspective of the Russians.

This means that you will get to experience what Russians really mean when they want to express unwillingness, or when they talk about possibility, or when they fall in love. Even if the construction is easy to follow, the book isn’t for absolute beginners; it’s more catered towards people who have some experience with the Russian language.

Learn by doing. Speak Russian the way Russians do!





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