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The Russian mentality and the Russian culture (part 2)

The Russian mentality and the Russian culture!(part 2)

These rules will help you relate to the Russian mentality and to understand the Russian culture. Продолжим сегодня нашу статью!

5. Be well dressed

Russians love to dress up. Russian women often do not leave the house until they put on make-up. Therefore, if you are in Russia and do not want to stand out – always dress nicely Hard core feminists will say that they do this because they are oppressed, but Russian women explain it this way: “We live only once, and I want to look and feel as good as possible.” A trip to a restaurant is also considered an event that you should not wear jeans and a t-shirt to, no matter how informal the place seems to you. In any case, ask about the dress code before you go somewhere.

6. Men pay for a woman in a restaurant

In this, Russians are radically different from Western Europeans. If you invite a lady on a date, do not expect her to pay for herself – not in a restaurant, or in any other place. Of course, you can offer that she pay for herself, but then you run the risk of not seeing her again. Russian men still pay for women in restaurants.

Russian with Naya
Russian with Naya Polo

7. Do not let women carry heavy objects.

This rule may annoy the lovers of political correctness, but Russians believe that men are physically stronger than women. Therefore, you seem impolite to them if you just stand and watch a woman carry something heavy.

8. Be polite in public transport.

In Russia, if you do not give way to an elderly person or a pregnant woman, the whole bus will look at you as a nasty person. You should rise and offer a place to an elderly person, women  (especially pregnant).

9. Handshakes

Never shake hands with Russian while you are wearing gloves. It may offend him.

Also, never  extend your hand over the threshold. Russians believe that this leads to misfortune.

10. Be a gentleman

Russians have tough gender behavior. The Russian men must give a Russian womaa hand when leaving the bus, opening the doors of the car, and bringing any bags. This does not mean a lack of feminism – Russian women are very strong and resilient. It’s just that Russian men believe that it is polite to do so.

11. Do not smile

Russians smile only in extreme cases, and public expression of happiness is reserved only for important occasions. Never smile just like that. Russians have a belief: unreasonable laughter speaks of a lack of intelligence.

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  1. Very interesting. Similar to Hispanic culture. Well to be honest now fading.

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