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The Russian mentality and the Russian culture (part 1)

The Russian mentality and the Russian culture!

Hi my beautiful students!! I have 20 rules for you. By knowing these rules, you will avoid inconvenient situations. These rules will help you relate to the Russian mentality and to understand the Russian culture. This article will be divided into several shorter articles. With every new articleyou will get more and more rules. Welcome aboard!

1. Do not  go to hosts empty  handed.

If you are invited to dinner or just to hang out, do not come to the host without bringing flowers for mistress or chocolate for owner’s children.

Russians, inviting someone to their house prepare all carefully in order to create the best atmosphere for the guests. And it makes sense to present them for this effort a small present namely: flowers, chocolate or something like this.

2. Take off your shoes when you enter someone’s house.

Russian with Naya
Russian with Naya

Russian apartments are carpeted. Often these are expensive carpets that are not as easy to clean. In addition, Russians walk a lot in the dusty streets, and do not just go into the house after being outside, or when coming from the car, without first taking off their shoes.  

For these reasons, as well as in the centuries-old tradition, Russians take off their shoes  when entering a dwelling.

Hosts usually wear slippers. Women usually take a pair of good shoes with them to wear indoors when going to a party. 

Of course, if you do not take off your shoes, no one will say anythingbut it is not good.

3. Do not joke about someone’s  parents.

So, please tell jokes based on gender, external and ethnic stereotypes; but refrain from joking about someone’s mothers or fathers — Russians will not understand you. You can joke about nationality, religion, women, but never, under any circumstances, joke about close relatives of the person you speaking with.

4. Do not say «На здоровье!»(To Health!) as a toast.

People who do not speak Russian usually think that they know one Russian phrase for a toast – “На здоровье!”. However, they do not know that “На здоровье”, is what Russians say when they are thanked for a deliciously prepared dish. The correct phrase sounds like “За здоровье!”


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