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Russian culture. Viner-Usmanova

  My beloved subscribers, I always write about my favorite people here, about people who are able to change your mind and inspire you to believe in yourself! These people are talented and out of this world! But the woman who I am going to write about today is a hard act to follow. She is an example for me in all spheres! SHE is a REAL RUSSIAN WOMAN.

   This woman is a legendary coach, pride of Russia and  a “mother” to her girls – Olympic gold medalists! Every time I watch her interviews or look at her students, I am happy to speak Russian and understand Russian. Her name is Irina Alexandrovna Viner-Usmanova.

  She is the outstanding head coach of the Russian national Rhythmic Gymnastics team, who brought up such Olympic medalists as Alina Kabaeva, Amina Zaripova, Irina Tchachina and many others. Thanks to Viner-Usmanova, the National Rhythmic Gymnastics Centre,which is considered the most powerful school in the world and was built in Moscow.

  To say that her path was easy and lacked difficulties would be a lie. Like any strong person, she overcame many obstacles and difficulties and succeeded in both her love life and career.

  Viner-Usmanova is the wife of the philanthropist  and the richest Russian businessman who, according to Forbes, is in top 100 richest people in the world. Her husband is Alisher UsmanovWhile he was building business, she was climbing the Rhythmic Gymnastics ladder. And when he was taken to prison for 6 years, she was always with him. She believed in him and viner23122013-3was sending him her love and energy all those years. She has never betrayed and left him.

 Irina Alexandrovna always stresses that she is an Eastern woman and every word of her husband is the law for her. She is convinced that only a woman can make a man a real winner. She is a point in case in this issue.

  «I always said to my husband: You are a genius! You are a great man! And he became one despite all the challenges».

  That is the kind of woman she is!

  Irina Alexandrovna is famous for her severity and ruthlessness in coaching. She is honest and never hides this!  A long time ago she realized that this was the only way to cultivate champions! Sweat, tears and pain are  something that her students pass through, but the fee for that is a gold medal at all games and competitions! She pours her soul into the girls, anything without regrets! There were times when she shared with them her one-room apartment because they had no place to live! Now she generously presents apartments and cars to her world champions and even gives advice on choosing good husbands.

  «I  do my best so that my girls never live in misery, and I make sure that they thrive.  I give a dowry to every one of them. And my task is to find a good husband for every student of mine. For such kind girls like them, it is very difficult to find a husband. They are intelligent, hard-working, beautiful and  do not tolerate falsehood. I can give some pieces of advice, but I do not interfere  with my categorical “no.” It is clear that if he is drinker – he should be rejected, if he is greedy – he should be immediately rejected. Because a drinker can be cured, but a greedy man can not be saved».

  When her students were injured and had ruptures, she searched for the best doctors and brought them back into sport! Despite all the challenges, they became winners! Some could not keep on training due to severe traumas and Irina Alexandrovna helped those girls after their retiring.

 Being the envy of everyone, some of her students were disqualified and could not participate in the competitions, but Viner-Usmanova did her best to get them back!

  She always knew that it is not enough to have just the talent, one MUST BE a fighter! She is a fighter and her gymnasts are fighters! If you are a student of Irina Alexandrovna, you have no chance of not getting a gold medal.

There is not evviner24en a drop of falsehood in this woman, and I think that’s the secret of her success!

I like her statement about children:

“Why do I love children? Because I believe: they are the best people in the world. They are the best and the cleverest part of humanity, most intelligent and regard not life experience but intuition. And intuition is a sign of a genius. They can not be fooled. It is impossible to cheat children. They are often more accurate and insightful than adults.  There are no intrigues in their world. The kids are my island of freedom”

   That is the kind of coach she is!

  This Russian woman is my inspiration!

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