The Russian mentality and the Russian culture (part 3) | Naya Polo

The Russian mentality and the Russian culture (part 3)

The Russian mentality and the Russian culture (part 3)

Hi my beautiful students!! I have 20 rules for you. By knowing these rules, you will avoid inconvenient situations. These rules will help you relate to the Russian mentality and to understand the Russian culture. Продолжим сегодня нашу статью!

12. About alcohol

Everyone keeps a bottle of vodka/wine or something for guests in the house. If  a Russian offered you a drink, and you refused, it could lead to a loss of friendship. You should accept the offer, but whether to drink or not- it is UP to you.

13. What is in your pocket?

Don’t keep your Hands in your pockets. This is bad form. If you do business in Russia, keep your hands visible. Russians love ostentatious openness.

14. Russians and superstitions

The Russians are absolutely not pious – they are just superstitious. They know a million of them, and will accept  superstitions in which they selflessly believe. Both young and old believe in superstitions.

Russian with Naya

15. Table corner

Never sit on the corner of the tableespecially if you are a young woman. Russian women are afraid that after sitting at the corner of the table they will spend their whole lives alone.   

16. Knives (“Быть на ножах”– an idiom, meaning to be in a bad relationship with someone).

Never present knives.  It is believed that if you present a knife, then after a while you will become the enemy of this person.

17. Whistling is prohibited in the house.

Do not whistle in the house. As in many other Asian cultures, Russians have the belief that whistling in a house leads to financial losses, povertyand the invasion of cockroaches.

18. Empty bottle

Never put an empty bottle on the table. This is an important Russian belief – an empty bottle leads to the same consequences as whistling in a house – the loss of money, poverty and scandals.

19. Empty wallet – bad luck

 Russians believe that presenting an empty wallet is a bad omen. Therefore, if you do not want to offend a Russian, put something in the wallet first.

20. Farewell

 Never say hello or say goodbye through the doorway. Russians, as you know, are very superstitious. Shaking hands with someone through the door is the worst sign possible.


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