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I do really love people who think big and strive to make life better. I really appreciate and respect the whole team of this wonderful language learning tool. If your Russian knowledge is above A2 level (intermediate/pre intermediate), this is the best site to continue to learn Russian. The guys combined everything in one place: video, text and grammar. Don’t be lazy and start to learn Russian here.  



Language Heroes!!Join the largest community of Language Learners in Russia! I am fan of the owner of this platform! Outstanding girl!


Russian Film Hub is an online library of hundreds of free Russian and Soviet movies with English subtitles. You can filter by genre, decade, director, and more. Watching Russian movies is a great way to improve your language level. And Russian Film Hub is there to make finding and enjoying Russian movies as easy as possible for you. Really great resource!! I recommend!




I love so much what this guy makes! Great T-Shirts with Russian symbols! Very creative and beautiful! In any case if you need more creativity-welcome to his website!”Digital Art and Graphic Design

Russian step by step Learn Russian Step by Step is a free online Russian grammar and vocabulary course for beginners. Short audio lessons are designed in a way as to take not more that 10-15 minutes. With this course you will learn the important parts of the Russian grammar: alphabet and pronunciation, genders, grammatical cases, verb conjugations, etc. The course also includes lessons with useful Russian vocabulary for everyday situations. The content of the site is available in English, Spanish and French.

Every day RussianEveryday Russian offers free online Russian lessons for all levels. More than 10 types of activities are designed to develop and train your reading, listening and writing skills, as well as to teach you useful Russian vocabulary. Every lesson (except tests) comes along with an audio file recorded by a native Russian speaker. The content of the site is available in 3 different languages: English, Spanish and French.

Learn Russian Words offers you a daily opportunity to learn and practice Russian language absolutely for free. Subscribe to the newsletter and learn a new Russian word of phrase with two examples and audio every day. Practice the words you learned with flashcards and the Russian Lessons of the Day. The content of the site is available in 3 different languages: English, Spanish and French.

RussianpenpalThe best way to learn Russian, as any other language, is to practice. The best way to practice is to have interesting conversations with native speakers. Russian Pen Pal already includes dozens of profiles of Russians who are eager to find partners for language exchange, and their database is growing daily. Join the community and find your soul mate in Russia today!

Very Much Russian is an audio podcast about Russian slang and modern conversational language for upper-intermediate and advanced learners. It introduces you to the language that you will never find in standard textbooks and even dictionaries. Each episode is accompanied by a free transcription and translation to English. All the words explained in the podcast are gathered in the “Modern Conversational Russian Dictionary”. There is also a big collection of Russian jokes, songs and proverbs.

AdrianusAdrianus is a Dutch guy who started learning Russian in 2014. He shares his strategies that helped him learn Russian on You can also hear him speak Russian on his Youtube channel

Mission of these guys: to break the barriers between Russia and the rest of the world by creating an opportunity for all to immerse deeply into the Russian culture through language, travel and adventure. Welcome to Immersion in Russia.

Meet Russia Online Learn about Russian culture, history, traditions, food, holidays, music, movies, beautiful nature, places to visit and a lot more without leaving your house. We present you the best Russia can offer in a format that’s easy to read and share with your friends. Available in languages: English, Spanish, and French.

Russian Alphabet Made Easy Learn the Russian alphabet with a comprehensive guide that includes pronunciation rules, examples to practice, worksheets, and sounds. Start reading in Russian after the first three lessons!