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Russian musician Дидюля.

Today I want to speak about a very talented Russian musician. His name is Diduyla.   I first heard him in 2001.

Russian musician Дидюля struck me with his singularity and dissimilarity to others.

After 18 years, I visited his concert in Krasnodar. It was a great concert. Didula  used 7 different guitars during the 2 hours of the concert. Each of  these guitars has a different sound and shape.

At some point, when I listened to his melodies, I caught myself thinking that I am “flying away”.

That feeling was repeated many times throughout the concert.

When I returned home, I began to read about his activities in recent years. It  turns out, that Didyula actively explores 25 frames in music. He believes that sound can be used to heal people.


He is actively developing this trend in his work now. In the late 2000s, Valery Didyulya began a new experiment, which he called sound in sound or musical 25th frame. According to him, this technology allows you to create an additional background composition, as well as make it deeper and more saturated. Didyulya is sure that such music has an absolutely special influence on the listeners, giving them an extra charge of energy. This fact was later even confirmed by doctors and psychologists. That is why the music of Didula is often called   therapeutic! 


So I found an explanation for why I plunged into a trance during his concert.

Didula received his first guitar when he was five years old as a gift from his mother. From this point on, he systematically developed his innate talents, methodically turning over the strings and rearranging the chords one by one. His teachers admired his performance, and he, not paying attention to anything, just improved

Russian musician. Didulya. Naya Polo
Russian musician. Didulya.

his playing, looking at the great guitarists of his time. The basis of his compositions are folk motifs collected from different countries. that’s what the musician himself says about his work:

In my music, everything is mixed together. But besides the actual musical and geographical, it has another facet – extrasensory. Life is a surprisingly beautiful mystery, and the world is full of melodies – colorful, interesting, popular and modern. And there are many artistic and technical tricks that help to lead the viewer into your world and tell about it without a single word. When the audience and you are on the same wavelength, it is a great joy for me as a composer and as a person who leads a delicate mystical story.

My favorite compositions:


Heal yourself! 

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