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Secrets About Russian Vodka!

Secrets about Russian Vodka!

I want to reveal some facts and secrets about one of the most popular Russian drinks: Russian vodka. Here we go!

1.Compared to other alcoholic beverages, vodka is the purest beverage in the world, with the

lowest content of fusel oils.

2. A liter of vodka weighs exactly 953 grams.

3. 100 gr. Vodka contains 235 kcal.

4. Classical vodka is made from grain or potatoes.

5. Only chilled vodka reveals its taste and aroma.

Russian Vodka. Absolut Vodka.
Russian Vodka

6.The first drinking establishment in Moscow was opened in 1533.

7. The term Vodka officially appeared on June 8, 1751at the Decree of Elizabeth I.

8. At the time of Catherine II in 1775, vodka was considered the most elite drink in the world.

9. Until 1885, vodka was sold  as take out and only by buckets (12.3 l.)

10. The standard for vodka was introduced in the years 1894-1896.

11. Vodka is 40% alcohol and 60% water.

12. The more purified the vodka, the more toxic it is.

13. Vodka causes addiction faster than any other alcoholic beverage.

14. In terms of profitability, vodka can be compared to oil. Sometimes incomes from it filled the

state treasury by a third.


These were secrets about Russian vodka. Have you ever drunk the vodka? Did you know about that facts before? Do you have more information about vodka?! Share your information with us!


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Your Russian motivator,

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