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Sochi anyone!?

This city became known among foreigners after the 2014 Olympics. Among Russians, this resort has always been very popular. According to some estimates, this city is the most visited in the country.

Sochi 2014
Sochi 2014

 After 90th, it’s popularity fell and the city itself did not look as it does today.

   I first visited Sochi in 2006. I liked the atmosphere of the city, but its endless markets spoiled the whole look. Shops lined the promenade. It all looked like one big market. Since 2014, everything has changed. The Olympics turned this city into a major financial and cultural center. Today many tourists come here from different countries.

   Sochi can be visited all year round. The temperature here even in winter does not fall below 5 degrees Celsius / 41 Fahrenheit.  Sochi is humid and warm almost all year round.  The mountains of the Caucasus shield the resort from cold winds, and the Black Sea gives off heat in the winter, bringing coolness in the summer. Spring in Sochi falls in March-April. From the end of April-beginning of Maysummer comes to the city, and in the last week of May, tourists are already boldly rushing into the sea. Summer continues until October.

Sochi Skiing
Sochi Skiing

Then, from November to January, the locals enjoy a warm autumn, and winter falls in February-mid March.

  Personally, I think that the ideal time in Sochi is April-May and September-October.In the summer, I do not like to visit this city because of the large number of tourists.But in the spring, flowering magnolias delight my heart. In the fall, this city gives me not only the opportunity to swim in the sea, but also to enjoy the colours of autumn.

  If we talk about prices, here they are higher than in other cities of the Krasnodar Territory.Prices in restaurants in Sochi vary mainly depending on the level of the restaurant. The average bill in a democratic the average restaurant, canteen or cafe is 800-1000 RUB per person (without alcoholic beverages), and in upscale restaurants – 2500-3500 RUB (without alcoholic beverages) – if we are talking about an ordinary menuand not about delicacies from the chef. Fast food and food from street trays is, of course, much cheaper.

  With rental housing here, too, no problem. Everyone will find for themselves what suits  them. Standard 3 stars at peak season will cost approximately 2500-4000 RUB. You can rent housing from 550-1500 RUB per night in guest houses and mini-hotels. Luxury options with full board are 60 000-100 000 RU per day. The highest prices are in the prime season (September 1 – September 30). Usually the cost of living at this time is 2-2.5 times higher. Flight from Moscow to Sochi can be a low-cost victory. Ticket prices range from 1800 to 4000 RUB.

   If you want to know more information about entertainment, hotels, or food of the city, then click here.

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