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Surprising facts about the Russian language (part 2)

Hi my beautiful students! I offer you to discover 10 interesting and surprising  facts about Russian language!

Surprising Fact Four: Etiquettes Count


In Russian, there is a recognizable difference between formal and casual language. It is essential that you know the contrast between formal & informal, as this is something that is very vital to natives. When you are first acquainted with somebody you should utilize the more formal word for you, Вы.You can change to the informal ты when you know them much better.


Surprising Fact Five: It’s an Indo-European Language


The Russian language is classified in the world as an Indo-European language. What does that imply? It implies that Russian is a relative of languages in Northern India, Iran, Western Asia & the languages of Europe.

I guess we are all related, one way or another, after all.


Surprising Fact Six: There are only about two hundred thousand words in the Russian language


This number has multiplied since the nineteenth century when just fifty-thousand to one-hundred thousand words were recorded in dictionaries. This number is very small compared to the English language, which contains more than one million words. Russians actually use very few of these words, and you will find that, because of this, numerous words have more than one meaning.

Probably you know more interesting and surprising facts about Russian language? If  yes, I will post your text to this post!


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