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Surprising facts about the Russian language

Hi my beautiful students! I offer you to discover 10 interesting and surprising  facts about Russian language!


Surprising Fact One: Talking About Blue? Be Precise While In Russia


All things considered,  the Russian language slips the color blue into two completely unique categories: синий (“seeniy” which means dark-blue) & голубой (“goluboy” which means light-blue). Studies have shown that Russians are better at differentiating between light-blue & dark-blue shades, and notjust in terms of language. While Russian differentiates between shades of blue, some languages can’t distinguish between green & blue.


Surprising Fact Two: The Loanwords


A few English words are of Russian origin. Interesting and surprising examples include vodka, ushanka, mammoth, cosmonaut, samovar, sputnik, taiga, tsar, pogrom, and Bolshevik.


Surprising Fact Three: Want To Be an Astronaut, Learn It Right Away


Astonishing isn’t it! Be that as it may, there is an explanation & reason for it. Russian is regularly alluded to as the global language of space. Because of Russia’s presence in space technology, and particularly concerning the International Space Station, it’s presently a necessity for foreign astronauts to have a working knowledge of Russian. In case of an emergency, directions are given to astronauts in Russian. Truth be told, a piece of training to become an astronaut even includes a homestay in Moscow to learn local lingo. So any of you who want to become an astronaut should start learning Russian right away!



Probably you know more interesting and surprising facts about Russian language? If  yes, I will post your text to this post!


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