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Surprising facts about the Russian language (part 3)

Surprising Facts About Russian Language (part 3)

Hi my beautiful students! I offer you to discover 10 interesting and surprising  facts about Russian language!

Surprising Fact Seven: Animacy Keeps Russian Language Alive


In Russian, there is animacy in nouns. The animate nouns are viewed as more alive than inanimate ones. So in Russian, a dead man (мертвец) is more alive than a corpse (труп), on the grounds that a dead man (мертвец) is animated and a corpse isn’t.



Surprising Fact Eight: One of the Officials of the United Nations


Russian is one of the official languages of the United Nations. The others are Arabic, English, Spanish, French, & Chinese.



Surprising Fact Nine: Widespread Over Eurasia


Russian is spoken in Eastern Europe & North-Western Asia. There are 150 million native speakers of it & 250 million can speak it as their first or second language. Russian is spoken mostly in Russia, Belarus, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, & Kazakhstan. It is somewhat spoken in Moldova, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Romania, Ukraine & some north-western nations of Asia.


Surprising Fact Ten: Resemblance to English


Around one of every ten Russian words are very similar to words in the English language. For instance, проблема (articulated “problema”) signifies “issue/problem”, and кофе (articulated “kofi”) is “coffee”.

By learning to speak, read, and write the Russian language, you have the potential to one day embark on a career as a foreign language translator, providing an invaluable service to global corporations. Or you can live abroad and teach English to Russian students while experiencing a new culture.


Probably you know more interesting and surprising facts about Russian language? If  yes, I will post your text to this post!


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