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Travel tips to Russia (Part2)

How to avoid troubles in Russia? Travel tips to Russia.

I have compiled a list of travel tips to Russia. These can be useful to those who are going to visit. This could be for a long time or a couple of days.

5. Opening a bank account by a foreigner can be a complicated procedure. Sometimes different branches have the opposite policy. In general, the simplest banks in terms of servicing for foreigners are Citibank (for American citizens) and Raiffeisen (for citizens of European countries). 


6. Foreign bank cards.

If you are from a foreign country (especially Americans), you may have problems using foreign bank cards. Most ATMs in Russia accept bank cards only with a PIN code. Get a PIN-code for your credit card in advance, if you do not have it. Also, some foreign banks reject online purchases on certain Russian sites. Be prepared to go personally for your purchase or call your bank and ask them to confirm the transaction. In addition, holders of foreign cards are limited to withdrawing money at an ATM (usually 7,500 rubles or 162 dollars) – Russians, as a rule, are allowed to withdraw more.

7. Registration.

Register your visa within seven working days after arrival in Russia, excluding holidays and weekends, otherwise they may be fined or deported. This law was changed in 2011 (earlier the registration period was 72 hours). However, there are ambiguities. According to how the text of the law is written, it seems that one can not register at all if the traveler does not spend seven days in a row in one city. However, it is recommended to register as soon as you arrive in Russia. This is true for each subsequent city of your trip.

Hotels must register you automatically. If you are staying in a private apartment, then the landlord must go to the local police department or to the post office in order to register you. If you have a work visa, then your employer will take care of this. If you are traveling on a tourist visa, then you should be assisted by the travel agency that sent your invitation.

8. Despite the fact that, in theory, all hotels must register foreigners, some do not. You should always call the hotel when booking and ask if they register if it is not written on their website.

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