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Travel tips to Russia (Part1)

How to avoid troubles in Russia? Travel tips to Russia.


I have compiled a list of travel tips to Russia that can be useful to those who are going to visit. This could be for a long time or a couple of days.

1. In terms of travel tips to Russia number one, take your passport with you wherever you go. As a rule, when you are traveling to Russia it is required to purchase SIM phone cards. It is also necessary to carry your passport to enter a business center or university and even return goods to the store. Residents of Russia carry passports with them everywhere, and to make your trip calm, do the same. If you do not have your passport, carry a copy with you.

2. Documents are sacred. If you buy a ticket, make sure you use the correct passport and the correct spelling of the name. If one letter is written incorrectly, or the wrong passport is used to purchase it, it may mean that someone will not get on the plane. Never shorten the name – for example, do not write Sasha instead of Alexander in the document.

3. Some tourists are surprised by huge bills for phone calls for roaming between Russian cities. Review your fare and subscribe to some special service to minimize the cost of phone usage during the trip.

4. The network is not always a network, as in the understanding of residents of other countries. A store can sell the same goods and offer similar services, like another store with the same name, but this does not mean that the stores are merged. For example, if you buy a bonus card, make sure that it can be used where you need it: do not assume that it will be valid everywhere. Banks must belong to Russian owners. A commission for using a Citibank ATM will be charged to a customer, even if they have an account with this bank at home. One citizen of the Netherlands interviewed by us asked the bank to send him a new card to Moscow after they moved from St. Petersburg. The bank refused and insisted that the client come to St. Petersburg and take his card.

The second part of this article will be published soon! 

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